Horrifying footage has shown a kidnap victim with blood pouring down his face stumbling into a takeaway shop begging for help.

The man – called Kyle – was caught on CCTV staggering into Chill Jacks in Newcastle-under-Lyme, before collapsing on the floor.

The chilling moment was aired on BBC’s new documentary Cops Like Us last night.

In the clip, Kyle struggles to stay on his feet as he walks into the shop, where two customers are waiting for their order.

He slumps against the wall, with blood visibly pouring from a wound on his face.

The clip cuts to show police attending the scene, where they discover the true horror of his injuries.

“They’ve pulled his teeth out with plyers,” an officer is seen saying, reports StokeonTrentLive.

The camera shows dozens of red marks on his legs, believed to be from cigarette burns.

“He’s jumped out the window [to escape],” she continues.

“He says it’s been going on for days, he’s been captured in this house.

“They’ve dragged him inside and pretty much beat the s*** out of him.

“His shoes are at their address, his teeth are at their address.”

After being helped to his feet, Kyle is transported by paramedics to the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

On his hospital bed, he claims the four people who tortured him thought it was “funny”.

He adds: "In the bathroom, there's a blood splatter where he cracked my head open."

During the episode, police are seen arresting four suspects in relation to the incident with the house in question shut down.

They are detained on suspicion of false imprisonment and inflicting grievous bodily harm although the case against them was later dropped.

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said after the airing of the show that “no further action taken was taken".

Cops Like Us is available to watch on My5 now.

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