A Bigfoot hunter has claimed on an expedition to find the fabled sasquatch he and his brother were tracked and messed with by a mysterious force.

A passionate "active research investigator", teacher Erich James has been having mysterious experiences all his life. But in one such venture he felt like his ears would pop and that weight was being exerted on him.

His brother Todd even claims he was pushed and laughed at by a mystical force.

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He had been to the forest in eastern Washington State, USA, around the Olympic Mountain range before to conduct “research” into sasquatches.

Erich told the Daily Star he wasn’t going to the woods empty-handed and “had a backpack full of apples I was going there to gift.”

“As we moved I could feel the energy of the place. It didn't feel right. It didn't feel like it has before,” he said. “There was a noticeable difference."

He claims he feels a shift in energy when he reaches the area he tends to conduct his research in, but which he says must remain anonymous to protect the sasquatch living there.

“The best way I can describe it is like your ears feel like they are going to pop but they don't and there is a ringing in my ears that goes away when the energy is done shifting," he said.

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“Also, it can feel like there is a weight on your chest and you can feel it with your body.

“When we had our first few encounters up there that shift was always followed by a feeling we should not be there and should leave.

“That also was accompanied by hair standing up and other feelings or anxiety. But, after the first few times the energy shifted and it felt welcoming to be there.”

He headed out with Todd and their friend Bear, where they worked deeper into the woods.

He continued: “Bear was first, I followed with Todd being last. As I walked down the short rocky hill to where the ground flattened out I heard my brother Todd hit the ground behind me.

"I turned to see him grimacing in pain lying eight to 10 feet from the top of the hill that's only about three feet up an incline from the flat ground. He didn't roll he just made a thud."

He said he assumed that his friend had tripped or slipped over, but closer inspection seemed to suggest there was more going on.

“I heard what sounded kind of like laughter as I approached him, but my first initial thought was I had imagined it.

“Bear and I waited for a moment for him to compose himself and then we helped him up off the ground."

But then, at that moment, Erich claims all three men shared a terrifying experience as they heard what he claims sounded like a giggle coming off from inside the woods like something was toying with them.

“As he was standing up all three of us plain as day heard laughing coming from off the trail to our right.

“All three of us looked at the exact same spot at the same time but nothing was there. I said ‘did you guys hear that?’"

Both men agreed, but the fall had taken Todd out of the game and he said he had to go back to the car.

“Todd said he couldn't continue because he had injured his knee. We stood there for a few minutes discussing what just happened.”

As they tried to work out what had caused the weird moment, Erich claims that Todd said that he didn't feel like he fell overon his own, but rather had been pushed by something.

He added: Todd said it didn't feel like he slipped, it felt like he was pushed.”

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A few weeks later he returned. “There is a tiny firepit just past the last hill and that's where I planned to leave the apples.

“As I walked up the top of the hill where Todd was pushed I could feel the presence of something behind me to my right.

“I continued walking after I turned a couple of times to look. As I made my approach I felt a shift like I described earlier on with my ears feeling like they were going to pop and ring. It felt just like it had before the last time we came.

“I stood there by the fire pit. I felt nervous and exposed. I could still feel the presence of something to the right and rear of me. I turned to look again and when I turned back to look the other way I saw movement two feet away from me.

Then, spookily, he added: “The movement looked like a fog or mist I guess. It's very hard to describe. It's translucent and just as soon as I saw it… it was gone. The feeling like they were very close by didn't change though."

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