Joe Biden warns of 'mini revolution' over proposed gun reforms

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In an interview on the satirical American show Jimmy Kimmel Live that aired Thursday night, US President Joe Biden said reversing Roe v. Wade – a landmark decision that protects women’s right to have an abortion – would be “ridiculous” and push up turnout in November’s midterm elections. Since Politico leaked a draft of the conservative-leaning Supreme Court – revealing conservative justices are prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade – the Biden administration has been assessing options for signing an executive order to protect abortion rights.

Ahead of a controversial Supreme Court decision that could upend abortion rights, President Biden has warned Republicans who are considering imposing stringent restrictions on women’s abortion rights that their move could backlash on them in the upcoming November’s midterms.

He said on Jimmy Kammel’s show: “I don’t think the country will stand for it. It’s clear that if, in fact, the decision comes down the way it does, and these states impose the limitations they’re talking about, it’s going to cause a mini-revolution and they’re going to vote these folks out of office.

“We’ve got to keep the focus on. If they overrule Roe v. Wade in the state, and California won’t do it but other states say that ‘you cannot do the following, there’s always a law. You can’t cross the border. All the things that some states have.’

“And you’ve got to make sure that you vote. You’ve got to vote, let people know exactly what the devil you think. And we change.

Joe Biden continued: “I think if the court overrules Roe v. Wade and does what is in the draft.”

“Well, we fear they will”, Mr Kimmel said.

“Well, if that occurs”, Joe Biden continued, “I think we have to legislate it. We have to make sure we pass legislation making it a real law that is the federal government says this is how it works.”

In April, Politico leaked a draft opinion suggesting the court’s conservative majority is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision of the US Supreme Court which enshrines women’s right to have an abortion without government restrictions. If the Supreme Court goes ahead with the overturning, it is feared that GOP-led states could eliminate the right to abortion. Two-thirds of Americans say they do not support reversing Roe v. Wade, according to public opinion polls. 


Mr Kimmel noticed: “Yet another situation where most of the country is on the same page – something like 64 percent of Americans do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned.”

President Biden warned: “It’s just going to be the beginning by the way. You know, there used to be a case called Connecticut versus Griswold…. It said that you could not use contraception in the privacy of your own bedroom because, in the Constitution, there was no right to privacy.  And so, they could outlaw and if you use contraception, it is against the law. You couldn’t purchase contraception.”

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“And you know, there’s a whole range of things that are at stake here when we talk about eliminating Roe v. Wade. I mean it’s just ridiculous”, President Biden concluded.

American LGBT+ activists are concerned that overturning Roe v. Wade could set a dangerous precedent and have implications for other rights such as the right to same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry in 2015 but to this day, is not enshrined in the US Constitution. Reversing Roe v. Wade could pave the way for overturning the Obergefell v. Hodges landmark case that granted same-sex couples the right to marry.

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