A series of weather events described as "biblical" have brought disruptions to homes in southwest China after the government announced lifting travel bans in the worst-hit coronavirus regions.

Daunting videos taken by local residents on March 25 capture a sudden hailstorm dumping tonnes of ice onto the city of Guiyang, in Guizhou province.

The pebble-sized ice pellets cover the fields, the road and even causing damage to cars and homes.

A villager claims the hailstorms lasted for about 40 minutes. He tells Beijing Times: "The tiles on the roof of my house are all damaged. Some of them are flipped and blown away by the strong gale."

He adds that the hail has destroyed much of his crops, which he shows in the footage, and he says: "Look at the crops, it's such a mess.

"I can't look at them, it is all damaged after the storm. The biggest [hailstone] I found is about the size of my thumb."

The city has been hit by the freak hailstorm twice in three days, the man told Beijing Times.

"It happened on the other day, then it stopped the next day, and came back the day after," he says.

But residents in the southwestern China said they have also been hit with gale-force winds and drenched with continuous downpours in the past few days.

They were forced to stay home as some claimed it is the most extreme hailstorm they have ever seen.

Some even deemed it as a "biblical" event, and claimed the storms have destroyed their "doomsday" crop.

One said: "COVID-19, locusts, now what? There is no way we can escape from all these disasters."

Another wrote: "I have never seen hailstorms in spring, this is so scary."

"Aren't we cursed to be staying home for a whole year?" a third commented while a fourth asked: "Are we sure we are not in the movie '2012'?"

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