BBC Weather: UK set for sunshine and scattered showers

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BBC Weather’s Louise Lear has warned of “disappointing” conditions this weekend as rain is expected on and off throughout. Temperatures will peak at around 22C. Ms Lear said: “It is quite difficult to dodge those showers at the moment that’s going to be the story over the last couple of days and it’s what’s to come through the weekend as well.

“Some of the showers could be pretty slow-moving. We’ve actually got some rain around this morning from an area of low pressure that’s moving in from the southwest.

“It’s brough some rain, some of it quite persistent, through the night across Cornwall into south Wales.

“It is starting to drift steadily east and it should stay mostly south.

“The rain will ease off from the southeast during the afternoon but it might stay pretty cloudly and dull so, disappointing in the southwest.

“Temperatures shoould peak at around 22C but some of those showers will be really quite potent.

“As we go through the evening, those showers will fade away but another front is starting to push in to the southwest, an indication of what is to come.”

She added that showers across Scotland and northeast England on Sunday afternoon could be “potent”.

Ms Lear continued: “On Sunday evening, it does look as though it could be quite cloudy with a little bit of drizzle. Into the later stages of the game, there might be a bit of patchy rain arriving.”

BBC Weather: Europe set for rain as temperatures rise

It comes as England’s football team should face the final Euro 2020 showdown under the same weather conditions as the 1966 team when they won the World Cup, the Met Office has said.

In what could be a good omen for Gareth Southgate’s squad, meteorologists have predicted the same 20C temperature and showery outlook which struck Wembley Stadium on the day of the final 55 years ago.

This comes despite the fact that average temperatures have risen markedly over the past half a century due to climate change, forecasters have said.

Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: “I can tell you that on July 30 1966, the weather was very similar to what is forecast for Sunday.


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“It reached around 20C and there were a few showers around.”

Mr Dewhurst said this follows a weekend of patchy rain for much of the nation.

A yellow weather warning for rain in the south-east corner of the country where there is a risk of flooding will last until 8pm on Friday before lighter showers in the following days.

Mr Dewhurst has said there will be a north-south divide on Saturday, with warmer temperatures in Scotland and northern England than in the Midlands and further south.

But Wimbledon fans can expect to stay drier than people in the North, which could see thunderstorms.

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