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An Australian barista allegedly helped lure a man into the hands of his killers by taking him to a remote location.

Samantha Guillerme, 25, is one of three people charged with the murder of the 37-year-old Jarrad Lovison in Victoria.

Ms Guillerme and her co-accused, boyfriend Jake Brown, 28, and their friend Andrew Price, 47, reportedly looked to lure Mr Lovison to a remote location and either trick or force him to ingest a large quantity of lethal drug GHB.

Mr Lovison disappeared from East Gippsland in April last year before his remains were found the next month at Moondarra State Park, 25km north from where he was last seen.

As reported by, during a bail hearing at the Supreme Court of Victoria it was revealed Ms Guillerme made “limited admissions” during tapped phone calls out of prison.

The court heard in these calls that Ms Guillerme thought Price and Brown would only assault Mr Lovison rather than kill him.

She thought Mr Lovison, who has been described as 7ft tall, would have “the shit kicked out of him”, the court heard.

“(The calls) indicated she did play a part in luring the deceased into the hands of those who killed him,” said Justice Paul Coghlan.

“She anticipated he would be assaulted or potentially seriously assaulted but not murdered”

According to prosecutors, tensions were mounting between Mr Price and Mr Lovinson.

The court also heard how Ms Guillerme was “almost out of control” with drugs and associating with other users.

Justice Coghlan granted Ms Guillerme bail despite police wanting the woman’s bail refused because they feared she could interfere with witnesses.

Police cited the phone recordings where Ms Guillerme suggested she could “stake out” the location of the witness.

Another recording the court was told about, featured her speaking to Mr Brown about stabbing her former employer with a pen or burning down the premises for a Fair Work Claim.

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The judge granted her bail on grounds she lives with her parents at Moe but she must abide by strict conditions including a curfew, not take drugs and to not to contact any witnesses or her co-accused.

Ms Guillerme will next face court in November.

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