Australian Open: Nick Kyrgios reacts to Bourchier win

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Mr Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis defeated Croatians Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic in round two of the men’s doubles at the Australian Open at Kia Arena in Melbourne. Before the 7-6(8) 6-3 loss, Pavic had a heated exchange with the umpire, pointing his finger in frustration.

Mr Pavic said: “This is p***ing me off … don’t let that happen.”

The outburst came after one man in the crowd stole the spotlight when he drank a beer from his shoe as fans cheered him on, according to

Kyrgios was swaying back and forth on the other side of the court during Pavic’s outburst, while commentators speculated why the Croatian was so angry.

Speaking in a press conference after the match, Pavic said it was not the crowd but rather “something else” which he didn’t want to disclose.

As for the crowd, Pavic said: “It wouldn’t hurt to show some respect.”

He referenced how Medvedev had the same experience against Kyrgios at Rod Laver on Thursday night.

He said: “That’s how they are here. We used to that … but it wouldn’t hurt them to show some respect.”

Mr Medvedev told EuroSport in a separate interview that the fans “probably just have a low IQ.”

Kyrgios, however, embraced the loud crowd.

The 26-year-old Australian tennis player said: “You’ve got the most entertaining player playing in his home slam on Rod Laver.

“You’d expect the crowd to be like that.

“I can understand it’s a gentleman’s game, but it’s about time that people embraced some sort of different energy in this sport otherwise it will die out. It’s just that simple.”

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Mektic praised his Aussie rivals, adding: “The guys played really well. They’re a nasty team to beat here and that’s it.”

Channel 9 sports reporter Ayrton Woolley said Kyrgios was a “freak”.

He wrote on Twitter: “Anyone who thinks Kyrgios is not good for tennis needs to reassess.

“He’s actually a freak. Would not watch doubles in a million years, yet here we are.”

American sports reporter Ben Rothenberg said: “When motivated singles players face the best in doubles, my money is usually on singles guys.”

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