Macron and Blair ‘very similar in many ways’ says McCrae

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Dr Niall McCrae of the Bruges Group spoke to and was asked whether the recent AUKUS deal has shown Emmanuel Macron in a bad light and not someone other countries want to do business with. Dr McCrae agreed but argued Mr Macron was not a unique personality as his politics could also be seen much closer to home. He explained former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair shared many characteristics with Mr Macron and explained how both men ended up alienating their voters.

Speaking to, Dr McCrae explained: “Macron is certainly, he’s a globalist and he has this background in global finance.

“He’s a capricious, narcissistic, petty, Napoleonic figure, his arrogance knows no bounds.

“But let’s not pretend that Macron is that unique, because he is a sort of French flavour of the same sort of character we’ve heard leading Britain in the not too distant past, the figure of Tony Blair.

“And of course Blair is still very much around prancing around on the world stage and Blair and Macron are very similar in many ways, they are globalists who have a sort of master plan.

“They don’t really care that much what the common people think, look at the way Tony Blair and his Labour Party ditched any interest in what’s more recently known as red walls seats for Northern England and Wales and Scotland.

“Those areas were lost from Labour because Tony Blair was a globalist and he promised so much but he was more interested in sort of the elite and his sort of progressive agenda than he was with ordinary people’s lives.

“That is why the Gilet Jaunes movement, as you know, started in France and is now sort of morphed into the anti-Covid regime campaign.”

Tony Blair soon joined investment firm, JP Morgan, after he left office with Emmanuel Macron working as an investment banker at Rothschild before he entered politics.

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Mr Blair was also noted for his strong support of the European Union and Britain’s influence on the world’s stage, similar to Mr Macron’s ambitions for France.

Both men also secured strong victories during their election campaigns with both also being seen as outsiders in the run-up to their vote.

Dr McCrae also told he could see Mr Macron following in the footsteps of Mr Blair after office where he is adopted by global groups to push their agenda.

The former prime minister now heads the “Institute for Global Change” and offers commentary and research on the world’s biggest issues.


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More recently, Mr Blair has been pushing for the UK Government to share vaccines with less developed nations in a bit to stamp out Covid once and for all.

The French presidential elections are due to be held in April 2022 with National Rally leader, Marine Le Pen, seeing the gap between her and Mr Macron widen.

Politico’s poll of polls puts Mr Macron on 24 percent with Ms Le Pen trailing behind on 19 percent as her popularity has fallen in recent weeks.

Bruges Group will be hosting its annual conference alongside the Conservative Party conference on October 4.

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