Angela Merkel heckled during speech in German Bundestag

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Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party has received a welcome boost ahead of the German Federal elections. The CDU has seen the party’s early lead in the polls slip, with the rival social democratic SPD leading by a narrow margin. But latest opinion polling suggests Germany’s largest minority might be abandoning the SPD as German Turks turn to the more conservative CDU.

“I could give my vote to the CDU this time,” one German-Turk voter told TRT.

Another German-Turkish voter said: “If I had to choose between the CDU and SPD only

“I’d vote for the CDU.

“Honestly, I don’t believe in the SPD’s promises anymore.” 

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In the past, German-Turks have predominately cast their ballot for the social democratic SPD party.

Many Turks moved to Germany in the 1960s as guest workers and have strong ties with the center-left party.

The SPD has long pushed for dual citizen rights and the rights of migrants.

But new research suggests the SPD can no longer rely on a majority of Turkish immigrant votes.

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In 2015 opinion polls showed support for the SPD at around 50 percent among German-Turks.

By 2019 that figure had dropped dramatically to 13 percent.

Meanwhile, in the same period, support for the CDU has rocketed from 17 percent in 2015 to 53 percent.

The increases in support for the CDU has come despite the party’s policy of not supporting Turkey’s entering the European Union.

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Voters in Germany head to the polls on September 26.

After years of enjoying a wide lead in the polls, the CDU/CSU alliance is now significantly behind the SPD.

POLITICO’s Poll of Polls currently shows the CDU/CSU at 21 percent; the SPD is at 26 percent.

Whatever the result the election is set to end the 16-year reign of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor.

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