Daniele Di Vincenzo had planned to spend another month in Florida, but when the prime minister told Canadians to come home, he and his wife Rosanna packed up.

When they boarded their Air Canada flight in Orlando on Sunday, they expected to be screened, but nobody asked about their health, said Di Vincenzo, 70, a resident of Bolton, Ont.

“We just got on the plane and nobody said anything,” he said.

“We got into Toronto, same thing.”

At Pearson airport, the Di Vincenzos say they were given a pamphlet telling them to stay home for two weeks. Other than that, they found none of the COVID-19 screening they had heard about.

As Canadians have poured back into the country over the past week, many have told Global News they did not witness the kind of health screening promised by the government.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on March 16 that all passengers would be screened by airlines before boarding flights to Canada, and anyone with COVID-19 symptoms would be denied boarding.

Upon arriving in Canada, travellers are supposed to be screened again by border officers asking whether they have a cough, difficulty breathing or fever.

But that does not appear to have happened all the time.

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