An unbelievable 28 of the 31 prizes to be raffled off in an American school tombola next month are guns.

Brandon High School in the state of Mississippi is attempting to raise funds for its athletics club with the raffle that will see one prize drawn on every day of the month.

It is an annual fundraising initiative with tickets costing $20 (£18.40) to enter.

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Winners must pick up their rifles or pistols from Van's Sporting Goods, a local outdoor store who are supplying the prizes as they have done for many years.

School principal Bryan Marshall, meanwhile, declared that such tombolas are not uncommon across Mississippi.

He said: "There are lots of gun giveaways in Mississippi that I know of. Most people do it the same way.

"Nobody actually handles a weapon because you can’t just give a weapon away without it being registered. You’ve got to go through the process."

Marshall went on to claim that his school had no say in what the prizes are and that it was simply a beneficiary of the money raised.

Rickey Neaves, executive director of the Mississippi High School Activities Association, added that sporting goods normally prove popular items in school raffles of auctions.

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He went on to reason that guns would be attractive prizes in areas where hunting was a common leisure pursuit, but pointed out that raffling guns is perhaps something schools should avoid where possible.

"I would say that, in today’s society, it’s probably not the best look a school district could give by raffling off guns," Neaves said. "You always have to be cognisant of how the public is going to take that."

For the 2020/21 school year, a US federal report revealed that school shootings had reached an all-time high since government records began.

A Gallup poll taken in the country, meanwhile, confirmed that 44% of parents now fear for their children’s safety at school, which represents the highest proportion since 2001.


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