The UK has been working with the Taliban to evacuate British citizens and Afghans in Kabul.

Pictures taken by Sky News show British troops at the capital city’s airport, which is now the only route out of Afghanistan.

Live updates on Afghanistan as Taliban enters Kabul

More than 18,000 people have left the country since the Taliban‘s takeover, but there are still large crowds of people trying to escape.

Families are becoming so desperate they are throwing babies over razor wires at the compound, asking British soldiers to take them.

The defence secretary said Britain is unable to evacuate children on their own.

The Taliban swept into the capital city on Sunday and the government collapsed, signalling the end of a two-decade war led by the US.

At least 1,800 people have now left Kabul on flights for the UK.

The government plans to welcome 5,000 Afghan refugees to Britain by the end of this year, and another 15,000 in the years ahead.

The UK’s humanitarian and development aid to Afghanistan will double to £286m this year.


Toby Nash, camera operator

Dominique Van Heerden, senior foreign producer

Stuart Ramsay, chief correspondent

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