Booster jab: Gillian Keegan discusses travel advice

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On October 24, the UK Government relaxed restrictions on international travel by swapping day two PCR tests for lateral flows. Double vaccinated passengers must take a lateral flow on or before day two after arrival in the UK.

The new research which surveyed 2,000 British travellers found that one in four were extremely or very concerned about travelling abroad.

International travel was the most feared activity surveyed with only one in 10 Britons saying they were concerned about sending their child back to school and just 12 percent fearing the return to the office.

People were more scared of flying than other forms of transport as just under three in 10 were fearful of using public transport.

Women were the most concerned with 41 percent expressing worries about travelling abroad compared to 37 percent of men.

Cignpost ExpressTest found that older travellers were the most fearful of overseas travel, expressing far more concern than those in the 18-24 year age group.

Britons aged between 55-64 were the most worried about flying internationally and almost half were unlikely to book an overseas trip.

Northern Irish holidaymakers were the least likely of the four nations to fly abroad with almost half saying they wouldn’t go.

Only one in three Welsh tourists feared travelling abroad, making them the most confident in the UK.

While travel restrictions on testing have recently been relaxed, many other Covid rules remain in place.

Most of the UK’s major airlines have strict rules on mask wearing and airports also require passengers to wear face masks.

British tourists need to be fully vaccinated or take a negative test to enter most popular European holiday destinations.

France requires every tourist and resident to have a health passport which must be shown to enter attractions and hospitality venues.

Nick Markham, co-founder of Cignpost said: “There has been a widespread assumption that people will automatically return to international travel once restrictions are eased.

“This research suggests that many people remain nervous about international travel.

“With less expensive lateral flow tests coming in soon for most people returning from abroad, we believe it’s the right time for a major advertising campaign to build on consumer confidence and persuade people to get back in the air.”

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the recent switch to lateral tests was a “huge boost to the travel industry and the public”.

Double vaccinated passengers need to take a lateral flow on or before day two after arrival in the UK.

People arriving from one of the seven destinations remaining on the UK red list need to pay to quarantine in a Government hotel.

British travellers are advised to check the Government website before travel as restrictions can change quickly.

Britons are also advised to check the local restrictions in their holiday destination before setting off.

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