A pair of Scottish locals were enraged after their hotel reservation was cancelled days before they were due to set off for Edinburgh.

Megan Green, 28, and Stuart McFarlane, were excited to visit the capital city to see a concert on June 23.

They booked rooms at the Cairn Hotel at the beginning of April, but were gobsmacked when they were sent emails days before the concert their rooms would not be available.

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EdinburghLive reports that they claim they spoke to the hotel manager who reportedly said that the rooms had been cancelled so the hotel could fix the smoke alarms in the building.

But, they were suspicious after receiving no communications about the matter for the two months they held the reservations.

The same day, they decided to check the hotel online and found that the rooms were still available – for £490 each.

Megan and Stuart had paid £115 and £130 respectively for their hotel rooms months prior.

Now, with the concert tickets paid for and nowhere to stay the duo had to scramble to find last minute arrangements.

Stuart explained: “We haven't received any apology or indeed direct contact from the hotel on this whole matter, other than the phone calls which Megan and I initiated over it.

“That's been one of the main areas of frustration with this whole thing, as well as the fact we seem to get different answers on why the rooms have been cancelled every time we ask about it.

“The whole situation has been handled so badly, Booking.com said one thing and the hotel said another."

He added: “Graham [the manager] told us it was an issue with the hotel's smoke alarms that were causing the rooms to be cancelled but essentially passed most of the buck on to Booking.com as to the communication with us and why rooms were still available after Megan's had been cancelled.

“There wasn't an apology from him for the handling or the late notice of things and not really an answer as to why our second room was available and then suddenly cancelled later in the day without any word or reason.”

Cairn Hotels told Daily Star: “Ensuring that guests have the best experience before and during their stay is important to us.

“We fully understand the upset caused by this booking cancellation and will be looking into any confusion caused by our communication with the couple.

“The hotel manager will be in touch directly with them.”


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