Travel expert offers advice on airline vouchers after pandemic

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Britons may wait all year for their holidays, but the delay in jetting off to warmer climes is sometimes longer than anticipated. With many holidays starting with a flight, airlines’ lack of punctuality can turn a holiday into a nightmare.

The worst airlines for punctuality have been named by Information Design.

Analysing how European airlines have done in the first half of the year, they came up with the definitive list of worst airlines to fly on if timing is important.

And some of the data was shocking.

At the bottom of the list was Yakutia.

The Russian airline had an incredible punctuality level of 0.7 percent.

It got worst for Yakutia, with some months seeing not a single flight on time.

From February to July 2021, the airline operated 5,730 flights and only 41 were on time.

Second worst was Ural Airlines.

Another Russian airline, Ural almost looked good next to Yakutia.

It operated 30,000 flights in the first half of 2021, and 47 percent were on time.

Coming third was Edelweiss Air.

Part of the Lufthansa Group, the Swiss airline was on time almost 62 percent of the time.

While this was nowhere near as bad as the previous two airlines, it was still not enough to get it out of the list of worst airlines in Europe for punctuality.

Holidaymakers may be slightly bewildered by some of these numbers.

They should be reassured, however, that not every airline was as bad as the bottom three.

Information Design also looked at the most punctual airlines in Europe.

Iberia came top.

The Spanish airline operated 98.5 percent of its flights on time and took the crown of Europe’s most punctual airline of 2021.

The second best airline for punctuality was Norwegian.

With 94.6 percent of its flights on time, Norwegian was also a good bet for a punctual arrival to a holiday destination.

Rounding up the top three was Vueling.

The second Spanish airline on the least of most punctual was Vueling.

With 94.4 percent of its flights on time, the airline is doing well in the punctuality department.

Most punctual airlines

1. Iberia

2. Norwegian Air Shuttle

3. Vueling

Least punctual airlines

1. Yakutia

2. Ural Airlines

3. Edelweiss Air

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