Stunning Playboy model and OnlyFans star Sara Blake Cheek let her fans decide whether she should join the 'Mile High Club' before her latest flight.

The mum-of-four took to her Twitter page this week to tell her 210,000 followers she was trying to convince her husband Matt to get frisky in the sky with her.

Sara, 31, said she thought it would make the "perfect content" for her OnlyFans page – and she wanted fans' opinions.

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The bombshell, from Florida, US, asked her followers to vote in a poll to let her know what they thought.

The options were 'Do it!' And 'Way too risky!"

There was one choice which was miles ahead – with 93% of her fanbase telling her to her jiggy in the air.

"Sounds like fun to me do it," exclaimed one.

As another told her: "Who the f*** says no to this?"

However, despite this, many warned her it wasn't as easy as it looked.

"I think it’s (borderline) physically impossible," one person wrote.

"Lol I fly every other week pretty near impossible," added another.

Judging by Sara's response, she may have tried and failed.

She wrote back to the second guy: "Dude it is!! Like wtf!"

However, despite maybe not getting her end away on the plane, it seemed like Sara still had fun on the journey.

She shared a photo of herself on the plane after doing "all those tequila shots".

Sara, who joined OnlyFans back in 2020, started to make $30,000 (£24,670) a month from her account straight away after signing up.

The mum, who ran a hair salon before OnlyFans, previously hit headlines for revealing her kids were kicked off their sports teams after people discovered her racy career.


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