Lindblad Expeditions is relaxing Covid-19 protocols on its ships.

On Sept. 1, booster shots won’t be required for most cruises, but Lindblad recommends them. Booster shots will still be required on extended itineraries in Antarctica. 

Lindblad also will drop the vaccination requirement for guests 4 years of age and under on Sept. 1.

Further, Lindblad will no longer require guests to wear masks in public areas, but is “strongly recommending” that they do so anyway. Masks will continue to be available onboard ships.

Starting with voyages departing Oct. 1, guests will no longer need to test for Covid-19 prior to leaving home and will no longer be tested at embarkation. Lindblad still recommends that guests test prior to leaving home.

Testing may be required in advance of cruises to certain countries or if guests are traveling on the Sea Cloud or Delfin II, ships that may have their own health and safety protocols. 

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