River cruise lovers will be blown away by an incredible new route which takes you on a whopping 46-day adventure.

Uniworld’s new “Rivers of the World” cruise will set sail on may 20 2023 – and you’ll journey through nine countries on five incredible ships.

That means you’ll never get bored of the activities and entertainment on board as you hop from ship-to-ship surrounded by all the luxury and glamour you desire.

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You’ll start your adventure in Egypt where you’ll sail the Nile in glamour aboard the S.S.Sphinx and spot ancient sites in the glorious North African sunshine.

Make sure to pack light clothes like linen for vintage Poirot vibes.

Then, you’ll head up to Lugano in Switzerland on a flight for a two night stay on land followed by another two-day trip across land to fashionable Milan in Italy.

Don’t forget to try the Schnitzel and sea the gorgeous architecture while you’re there!

From this point, you’ll sail for a week along the Po River and Venice Lagoon then you’ll go north up to Hungary and board the S.S Maria Theresa in Budapest – a city known for its spas, ruin bars and goulash.

You’ll sail for a week to Passau, Germany, which lies on the Austrian border at the joining of the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers.

It’s overlooked by a stunning 13th Century fortress which houses a museum and observation tower for the best views.

The fourth leg of the journey passes on France’s river Seine on the S.S. Joie de Vivre.

You’ll end the holiday of a lifetime in Portugal with a cruise down the Duoro River on the S.S Sao Gabriel.

And, there’s a three night stay in Lisbon for you to regain your land legs when you hop off-board.

Make sure you explore the stunning hilltop vistas in Alfama, head up to St. George’s castle and tuck into the delicious fresh seafood.

Each of the ships is unique and contains exciting features that are sure to wow you.

Your first ship, the S.S Sphinx, offers bespoke decor by local artisans with Egyptian materials and craftsmanship on show.

It features gourmet dining, a swimming pool and even a massage room.

The French S.S Joie de Vivre is covered in fine antiques, artwork and Parisian design based on the Golden Twenties all the way up to the Swinging Sixties.

Glitzy bar Claude’s transforms each night into an entertainment venue with cocktails, local music and French film classics as an intimate cinema.

Meanwhile the S.S Sao Gabriel, which sails from Portugal, is a lavish ship which includes a butler service and large L-shaped pool.

The S.S. La Venezia is layered in gold and Murano glass in the Venetian style – with a sun deck, panini bar, Italian restaurants and speciality wine.

While the S.S. Maria Teresa will blow your socks off as you enter the foyer with its stunning main staircase as well as an indoor pool, chandelier and al fresco dining spots and fitness classes.

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When you’re on-board the specifically designed river cruise ships all dining, wine, beer and spirits are included in the price – as are the excursions.

Plus, flights, airport transfers and other transportation is arranged and included in your cruise.

The enormous 48-day cruise costs from $38,999 (£36,156) per person, reports Travel & Leisure.

Read more about the itinerary at uniworld.com.


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