Holiday packing tips for best utilising luggage space

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Angelee Rathor, managing director of SevenTravel, shared her top winter holiday tips. She has over 12 years experience in the travel industry.

Get rid of creases

Angelee said: “It’s always been a good technique of mine to roll clothing rather than fold. I find it creases less and then you should have room for a small portable steamer to get rid of any further pesky creases.”

Rolling clothes is a popular technique to fit more into a suitcase. The tip may be especially useful for winter holidays when Britons may need bulkier clothing.

As Angelee states, winter clothing may be less likely to crease if it is rolled rather than folded.

Britons may also be able to fit a small portable steamer in their case which could iron out any unfortunate creases.


“Depending on where you are visiting, the weather can change dramatically,” advised Angelee.

She said: “With that in mind, layering your clothing is a top tip for a winter holiday break. Taking a range of t-shirts, thermals, jumpers and a warm coat is advised.”

Layering is the best way to stay warm in winter and Britons should take a range of items on a winter holiday.

Top winter destinations such as Prague and Budapest can be extremely cold in December and Britons will need a warm coat.

Never forget

Angelee told that there’s one item she’d never be caught without on a winter holiday.

She said: “Odds are, if you’re heading on a winter break, you may be off to do some adventuring, sporting activities, skiing or snowboarding.

“You never want to get caught short without phone battery, so packing a portable charger is useful.”

A portable charger is a holiday essential and very important in case tourists get lost of need assistance.

Best clothes for winter

Angelee said: “Winter thermals underneath your clothing are a must” and shared her favourite fabrics to beat the winter “chill”.

Best winter fabrics

  • Merino wool
  • Leather
  • Down
  • Cashmere

Although many Britons prefer to seek out winter sun in the Canary Islands, several top European cities are popular in winter.

Some of the most popular destinations for a winter holiday are Salzburg, Hallstatt and Krakow.

However, cities perhaps best known for their sunny weather can also be a great choice for the winter.

Malaga’s Christmas market runs until January 5 and the city is adorned with thousands of poinsettias during the holiday season.

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