Richard Tice hits out at demand for child-free air travel

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On Reddit, the baggage handler said there are a few things passengers can do to stop their luggage from going missing. They said people’s luggage could be “confusing”.

The baggage handler said: “Actually fill out the name and address form that is attached or built in (to the luggage).

“If we have no contact number to phone, we won’t be able to contact our superiors to say ‘Mr Smith’s bag tags have come off, which flight/train was he on so we can reprint them’.

“We don’t want to go through your belongings looking for a name, so make sure it’s on there.”

Passengers have a better chance of getting their luggage back if they fill out an address label on their bag.

The handler added: “Remove old tags. If you have a bag tag from two years ago, as well as a load of other ones, it takes us infinitely longer to find the right date for where it’s supposed to be going.

“God forbid we actually misinterpret it and send it to the wrong place. This almost always happens because the tags are confusing.

“We only have an hour to sort 800 bags going to three places. One person complained that we removed the old tags from their bag. We were furious.”

Tourists should try to remove any old tags on their luggage or their bag could end up going to the wrong place.

Passengers could also use an AirTag to keep track of their luggage once they’ve dropped it off at the airport.

The tracking system can be linked to a phone app and help passengers keep track of their bags.

If an airline loses a bag and doesn’t have an exact location for it, an AirTag will allow passengers to see where it is.

While they might still struggle to get it back quickly, it can be reassuring to see where the lost bag has ended up.

When it comes to packing, the baggage handler said passengers should try to pack a “full bag” if they can.

They said: “Pack a full bag if you can. Obviously people like to leave space for shopping but to maintain the stability and shape of the bag, fill it with something.

“Newspaper, bubblewrap or something, just so you don’t have a load of empty space for your clothes to move around.

“This will decrease creasing in shirts and dresses as well!”

Bags will often be stacked in the plane’s hold, so filling the bag with extra items will help it maintain its shape.

Bubblewrap or newspaper might help to fill the bag without adding a lot of extra weight to the suitcase.

The handler also said that people should try not to make their bags too heavy as it may end up mishandled.

They said if it’s difficult for the team to lift the bag, they might end up throwing into the hold which could damage it.

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