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    It seems that every year new rules come out for travellers – from Covid checks to no batteries in your bag.

    However, some older restrictions have become second nature to frequent fliers after many years of holidays.

    One such requirement is the need to switch your mobile phone onto airplane mode while in the skies – and especially during take-off and landing.

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    Clicking the icon on your screen to stop receiving texts and calls is pretty much a universal rule on air carriers from the UK to the US and Asia.

    However, while it’s fairly obvious why other rules must be adhered to – such as not smoking during a flight – why do we need to hit airplane mode on our smart phones?

    Especially with the advent of Wi-Fi on planes meaning many Brits cough up extra cash so they can text, email and – let’s be honest – watch TikTok.

    Despite this, announcements are made on flights asking people to adhere to the protocol before take-off without a full explanation.

    Here’s why turning your phone onto airplane mode when flying…

    Lots of aircrafts ban the use of devises that transmit signals – such as your phone which searches to connect to telephone towers while you’re at 35,000ft.

    As planes are out of reach of these towers the phone seats intensive electrical signals to locate one.

    This electrical signal could potentially interfere with the planes navigation equipment and landing guidance system, as well as the cockpit equipment.

    Now that 5G has become common this rule is even more important, reports the Mirror.

    Phones can even cause an irritating sound to go off in the pilot’s headphones.

    Nobody wants a distracted pilot…

    Plus, crew using speakers on the plane to communicate about issues may also be disrupted.

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    Turning your phone onto airplane mode stops this signal from being sent out.

    Not all phone signals will interfere with plane systems – and there reportedly hasn’t been a proven case when such a signal has “interfered with the navigation performance of an aircraft” – but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

    Plus, pilots have said they definitely interrupt the sound in their headphones which could cause confusion between the flight deck and air traffic control.

    So click airplane mode when you’re heading on holiday, because you really don’t want to be the cause of an accident just because you wanted to play Candy Crush…


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