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Miguel shared with Express.co.uk his experience flying on New Year’s Eve.

Miguel explained: “I spent one New Year’s Eve working on the plane.

“When it was midnight in the country we were passing through, we celebrated the New Year but in a strange way.

“The crew at my former airline was a mix of cultures and nationalities so we did what we would be doing in our own homes.

“Following whatever tradition each of us had in their country.

“So as I’m from Spain, I ate the 12 grapes.”

The tradition in Spain is to have “the 12 grapes of luck” on New Year’s Eve.

It consists of eating a grape with each clock bell strike at midnight to welcome the New Year.

According to the tradition, eating the 12 grapes will bring a year of good luck and prosperity.

Miguel continued: “We celebrated the New Year just between us in the galley.

“As it was the nighttime, the lights were off and almost all passengers were sleeping.

“So we wouldn’t really have a party on the plane with all the passengers but in the galley, we kind of celebrated it a bit.

“We brought chocolates, sweets… it was good.

“It’s funny though because after celebrating in the air, and because of the time difference, when we landed it wasn’t midnight yet in the UK,” he explained.

In terms of passengers, Miguel explained that on New Year’s Eve the plane “is obviously not full”.

“It’s actually half empty, but the passengers are never travelling as a family.

“You can tell they are travelling solo for business or work.

“Or are flying back home to spend Christmas with their families.”

He said that despite the special occasion, they “didn’t really give these passengers a special treatment” or “freebies”.

“I also have to say there aren’t many flights on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, especially not short-haul flights.

“There’s usually more transatlantic flight on those days,” he said.

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