Flight attendant explains how to properly pack a bag

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Sam is a former British Airways flight attendant. She gave Express.co.uk her insider secrets on how to get the most out of your flight.

Many Britons are heading abroad this year and will be boarding a plane for the first time in years as COVID-19 travel restrictions have mostly been scrapped.

Sam provided a top tip for how to have the most comfortable plane experience possible.

For those who have not yet booked their flights, note that not all plane seats are made equal.

The expert shared with Express.co.uk some insider knowledge on airplane seating plans.

Short-haul flights are less of a problem, but longer plane journeys can get a little uncomfortable after a while.

This is why your choice of seat is key.

Sam stated: “If you book the middle aisle front row on a long-haul flight, you might get some extra leg room.”

However, this came with a warning: “But you’re more than likely to be sat next to a baby.

“This is because this seat has a fold down table for cots/bassinets for babies to sleep instead of on someone’s lap for the whole flight.”

So while it may seem like an appealing choice for the taller flyers among us, those hoping to get a little bit of shuteye might want to think again.

A good choice of seat can not only guarantee comfort, but convenience.

Choosing one seat over another may be the difference between getting to eat quickly and waiting ages for an inflight meal.

Sam explained: “Food is usually served from front of the cabin to the back.”

So if you don’t enjoy watching other people get their food while you’re waiting for yours, sitting at the front may be your best best.

However, be mindful of Sam’s first tip of avoiding the crying baby in the middle aisle front row.

Sam continued: “So, something to bear in mind when choosing your seats – top of the cabin is usually best for first service.”

However, not all flights will serve food this way.

The expert explained: “On particularly busy flights food might be served from one trolley at the top and another trolley at the back.”

On these occasions, a seat towards the back of the plane might have the same benefit.

For those who really don’t like waiting around for their meal, Sam added: “If you pre-order a meal (dietary requirements), you’ll be served first.

“There is always one meat and one veggie option anyway, but if you pre-order a vegetarian you’ll get served before everyone else.”

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