Travel experts have warned Brits of the most expensive European cities in which to holiday this year.

With the cost of living crisis continuing to hit household budgets, Brits are desperate to bad a bargain when booking their holidays. City breaks, though, can be particularly expensive – unless tourists do their research carefully, one holiday firm has claimed.

A spokesperson for Jersey Island Holidays, an independent travel agency, said: “Couples planning for a romantic weekend might be tempted to dismiss the idea of travelling out of hand, especially in the current economic climate.”

And the company warned of the most expensive destinations, which include Zug and Zürich in Switzerland and Reykjavik in Iceland, and Dublin in Ireland.

So, the experts have suggested more affordable cities, stressing these too have plenty to offer for Brits.

The spokesperson added: “Exploring cities that might not be the most popular options can be a great way to get the most bang for your buck while also providing new romantic and cultural experiences for you and your significant other.”

These places include Podgorica in Montenegro, Warsaw in Poland, Sofia in Bulgaria, and Skopje in North Macedonia.

A trip to Podgorica, including flights, accommodation, and a three-course dinner, costs on average just £222 for two people.

But trips to either Zug and Zürich, for instance, will typically cost more than £1,000 in total.

Top ten most affordable European cities for romantic getaways in 2023

  1. Podgorica, Montenegro
  2. Skopje, North Macedonia
  3. Debrecen, Hungary
  4. Szeged, Hungary
  5. Warsaw, Poland
  6. Sofia, Bulgaria
  7. Lublin, Poland
  8. Tuzla, Bosnia And Herzegovina
  9. Belgrade, Serbia
  10. Prague, Czech Republic

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Top ten most expensive European cities for romantic getaways in 2023

  1. Zug, Switzerland
  2. Zürich, Switzerland
  3. Reykjavik, Iceland
  4. Tromsø, Norway
  5. Basel, Switzerland
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. Oslo, Norway
  8. Lausanne, Switzerland
  9. Geneva, Switzerland
  10. Stavanger, Norway

Dublin came 11th on the list, determined by studying data following holidays in 2022. A typical weekend away in Dublin costs, altogether, £710 for two people, the analysis found this week.

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