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Babies crying and children kicking the back of a seat are both common annoyances during plane journeys, both of which are hard to address with the parents. While some people prepare for flights with noise-cancelling headphones and other distractions, one woman has revealed that even that wasn’t enough to endure a recent trip. 

Going by the username M3tal_Shadowhunter on Reddit, the young female traveller explained that the parents of a child who hit her during a flight made out that she was the problem after she swore at the rude awakening. 

Stating that she was “exhausted” and trying desperately to sleep on the 16-hour journey, the woman highlighted her anger at the parents’ responses to their child’s behaviour.

She wrote that if parents don’t want their kids to be “cussed at” by other adults, they should “tell them not to hit sleeping strangers on a flight”.

While she admitted that she was not a parent herself, the Reddit user highlighted that she felt the onus was on the parents to have stopped the incident from happening in the first place.

In the post, she wrote: “I was on a 16-hour flight. Exhausted, my finals had just ended. I’d taken a travel sickness pill, put on my headphones and fell asleep.

“NOT ONE HOUR LATER, a kid runs up, screaming like a banshee, RIPS OFF my headphones, and slaps my arms! I don’t even know this kid!”

The woman explained that naturally she was “freaked out” by the rude awakening, and yelled out “what the f***!”.

She said that the crude response was mostly down to being “in the middle of a REM cycle, exhausted and sleep deprived”.

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According to the Reddit user, there was no response from the parents of the child who had hit her.

She wrote: “But no, I’m the villain for being startled when a stranger’s kid slaps me awake because I dropped an f-bomb.”

The angered passenger went on to reveal her disdain for people who allow their children to freely annoy strangers in public.

In her post, M3tal_Shadowhunter explained: “Some parents are SO entitled, it horrifies me. I don’t care how difficult being a parent is, you chose to bring your child on a flight.”

The Reddit user made her stance on parenting very clear, adding that adults who travel with children should “take care of them” and “teach them not to hit people”.

Her viewpoint was popular with other posters, many of which agreed with her reaction.

Once user who goes by the name Adravisia commented: “There’s an expression for this. If you don’t teach your children, someone else will.

“This sucks that this happened, original poster. And I doubt the entitled parent and brat learned a damned thing. With that attitude, it’s probably not the first time someone has said f*** around them.”

Others agreed that “kids will be kids” is no excuse for the parents and they agreed with the Reddit poster.

A user who goes by the name Plantallthethings replied: “My parents taught me the meaning of the word ‘gentle’ as a literal infant and I could interact with our very sensitive cat appropriately when I could barely sit up.

“I’ve seen other babies and toddlers be capable of this as well. So when some parents defend their demonic nine-year-olds constantly hurting and scaring animals with ‘THEY’RE JUST KIDS, THEY DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER!’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, and that’s your fault.'”

Another wrote that the mother of the child “should have apologised” to the Reddit poster and that the child also owed the woman on the plane an apology.

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