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The research used data from World Weather Online to find the average number of hours of sunshine per month in all the cities across Europe. According to the study, Alicante reaches 349 hours of sunshine per month on average.

The city of Alicante, in Spains’s Costa Blanca, is, therefore, the spot with the most sunshine – even in the winter months.

Alicante was followed by Catania, in Sicily, with 347 hours, and Murcia, in Spain, reaching 346 hours of sunshine.

Among the 20 cities with the most daylight hours in Europe, 11 were Spanish destinations.

The list included five Italian cities, two French, one Greek destination and one Albanian city.

European cities with the most hours of sunlight per month on average:

  • Alicante (Spain): 349
  • Catania (Italy): 347
  • Murcia (Spain): 346
  • Malaga (Spain): 345
  • Messina (Italy): 345
  • Valencia (Spain): 343
  • Nice (France): 342
  • Las Palmas (Spain): 341
  • Grenada (Spain): 341
  • Palermo (Italy): 340
  • Seville (Spain): 340
  • Saragossa (Spain): 340
  • Marseille (France): 339
  • Barcelona (Spain): 339
  • Palma de Majorca (Spain): 337
  • Tirana (Albania): 336
  • Rome (Italy): 336
  • Athens (Greece): 335
  • Madrid (Spain): 335
  • Naples (Italy): 334

Alicante is one of the most popular holiday destinations among Britons and expats also love the city with over 100,000 British living there the whole year. 

The small city located by the Valencian coast has a vibrant town centre, large beaches and some beautiful natural spots.

One of the most famous ones is Gadalest Valley, just outside Alicante. A traveller who recently visited the area shared his thoughts on Tripadvisor.

User @boronet said Alicante is a “beautiful village which is a must visit” and explained Gadalest Valley is very a “scenic” spot.

He shared: “I had heard about this village from previous visitors and it was indeed as charming as they said.

“A half hour or so from Benidorm north into the mountains brings you to this very scenic village. A short climb from the paid public car park brings you to the fantastic views.”

One of Alicante’s most popular beaches is the platja de Postiguet and Tripadvisor user Mikael commented is a “relaxing city beach”.

“A golden sand beach is located at the foot of the Castle of Santa Barbara.

“Along the beach, you can walk the Paseo de Gomiz, characterised by many palm trees. You can sit facing the sea and have a drink in the many cafes.”

The Mercat Central d’Alacant, the local market, is also one of Alicante’s most popular attractions.

Alastair, who recently visited it, explained: “The Alicante market is great to walk around and look at a proper market with fish, fruit and vegetables and meat.

“There are other things for sale, but it is a food market. Some good cafes there too with snacks. Well worth a visit.”

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