Simon Calder shares warning about summer holidays

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British tourists need to apply for an ESTA if they want to travel to the US without a visa. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization application now costs £13.61.

The ESTA is an automated system that determines whether people can travel to the USA under its visa waiver program.

British tourists must apply for an ESTA if they want to holiday in the USA and fees have just risen.

Application fees have soared by 70 percent, rising from £8.01 to £13.61 at the end of May.

The price rise will make holidays in the USA far more expensive, representing an over £20 price increase for a family of four.

The ESTA is one of the easiest ways to travel to the USA, as a regular visa requires applicants to visit the Embassy.

Geneally, application requests are answered within an hour through an automated digital system.

The ESTA was introduced following the 9/11 terror attacks and aims to prevent unwanted travellers from entering the US.

The price surge comes as Britons face a huge increase in the cost of living which has made holidays more difficult for many.

Holidaymakers travelling to the USA this summer will also have to fork out for expensive Covid tests.

Even fully vaccinated Britons need to show proof of a negative Covid test result to enter the USA.

British tourists will need to take a test no more than one day before travel for entry to the USA.

Unvaccinated Britons are not allowed to travel to the USA unless one of a limited list of exceptions applies to them.

The USA is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations and many Britons are excited to return since travel restrictions have been lifted.

Many Britons choose to visit Florida to enjoy one of the state’s world-class theme parks in Orlando.

New York is also a popular destination while California and Las Vegas also make the list of top hotspots.

Many Britons are also eager to visit family in the USA after a long separation during the pandemic.

Britons will also soon have to pay to travel to EU countries under a new security system implemented by the bloc.

The ETIAS scheme is set to be introduced in January 2023 and will cost seven euros (£5.97) for those between the ages of 18-70.

The system will aim to approve applications within a 96 hour window and will be valid for three hours or until passport expiry.

Britons will need to update their ETIAS every three years if they want to enter the EU for a holiday.

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