Brexit: British expat discusses difficulty of living in Spain

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Spain is battling the latest Covid variant, Omicron, and many areas have been moved to a high risk list. Covid rates in Spain are high, and Andalucia is badly hit.

There are 23 municipalities in the region now on an “extreme risk for Covid” list.

These are in addition to the 48 localities in the region which are a “high risk” for Covid.

The extreme risk list reflects a Covid incidence rate of 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The high risk list’s localities have an incidence rate between 300 and 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Spain is seeing high rates of infections.

A total of over 27,000 new infections were reported yesterday.

The ongoing sixth wave has taken the country by storm and Spain is trying to battle Covid and its variants.

Amid the crisis, the Spanish Government has approved booster shots for over 40s.

Antigen tests have also been flying off the shelves, reports El Pais.

However, experts have been warning the results are not “always conclusive”.

Daniel López-Acuña, former director of emergencies at the World Health Organization said: “We need to stop selling these self-diagnostic tests as a silver bullet because they do not give a definitive and robust response.”

Extreme risk list

Almeria: Lucainena de las Torres, Alcolea and Paterna del Rio

Cordoba: Fuente Carreteros

Granada: Cáñar, Velez de Benaudalla and Jayena

Huelva: Corteconcepción, La Granada de Riotinto, Puerto Moral and Paterna del Campo

Jaen: Montizon, Canena, Genave and Puente de Genave

Malaga: Alcaucin, Atajate, Benadalid, Benarraba and Serrato

Sevilla: El Garrobo, El Cuervo and El Palmar de Troya

High risk list

Almeria: Abrucena, Alicun, Canjayar, Huecija, Instincion, Albox, Maria and Laujar de Andarax

Cadiz: La Linea de la Concepcion, San Roque, Chipiona and Torre Alhaquime

Cordoba: Valenzuela, Villaviciosa de Cordoba and Santa Eufemia

Granada: Bubion, Beas de Guadix, Cuevas del Campo, Dúdar, Fornes, Güejar Sierra, Nigüelas and Nivar

Huelva: Higuera de la Sierra, Bollullos Par del Condado, Manzanilla, La Palma del Condado, Palos de la Frontera, Alosno and Cartaya

Jaen: Lopera, Aldeaquemada, Carboneros, La Carolina, Castellar, Guarroman, Lahiguera, Arroyo del Ojanco, Rus and Villacarrillo

Malaga: Casabermeja, Mollina, Cuevas del Becerro, Ronda, Coin and Tolox

Sevilla: Marchena and Los Molares


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