Taking aim at overtourism and pollution, Barcelona has banned cruise ships from docking near the city center, beginning Oct. 22. 

All cruise ships will have to dock at the Moll Adossat pier south of the city center. The pier is currently used by the industry’s largest cruise ships.

Moll Adossat is a shuttle bus ride from Barcelona’s city center, whereas the World Trade Center and Muelle Barcelona Norte terminals are a short walk from the city center. 

Also, the number of cruise ships that can dock at Barcelona’s ports will be capped at seven ships per day, down from 10. 

Barcelona, the busiest cruise port in Europe, has been considering a cruise ship ban since 2018. 

Lluis Salvado, president of the Port of Barcelona, said the move will stabilize the number of people going through the port and help mitigate pollution, according to the Daily Mail. 

“We are pushing the pollution away, towards the south and reducing the emissions that reach the city,” Salvador said.

Venice and Amsterdam have also imposed restrictions on cruise ships. Monterey Bay, Calif., voted to terminate passenger landing services there, signaling to cruise lines they are no longer wanted. 

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