The athlete behind one of the most viral fails of the Tokyo Olympics so far has responded to the world’s laughter with absolute class.

Canadian diver Pamela Ware scored a 0.0 in the women’s 3m springboard semi-final this week after taking a pin-drop into the aquatic centre pool.

The 28-year-old took a misstep before her planned 3.5 difficulty dive and jumped feet first into the water.

As a result, the 2013 World Aquatics Championships bronze medalist performed a pencil jump straight into the pool and scored a 0.0.

Ware’s lowly dive meant she exited the competition and she later admitted her fears that she would have ended up injured had she not pulled out.

She told Canadian broadcaster CBC: “I think that if I would have done the dive, I could have possibly hurt myself.”

Ware later added in an Instagram video that she was still proud of her journey despite the mistakes she had made.

The diver said: “I am going to say that I am very proud of myself. Something really difficult.

“What you guys see in the competition is just a tiny factor of what we actually do to get to where we are.

“I was so ready for this competition, and I made a mistake.

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“It could have happened to anybody, but it happened to me at the wrong time.

“But I am proud because I have done everything possible to make it to where I am and I’m human, I’m allowed to make mistakes.

“I hope you guys are gonna get used to having me around because I’m not going anywhere, I’m not giving up. This competition does not define me and I will not let it defeat me.”

Mexican diver Arantxa Chavez, 30, also scored 0.0 from the judges after she made a similar error during the preliminary round.

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