Lord Forst labelled ‘vain’ by Labour MP Jenny Chapman

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During a ferocious monologue Baroness Chapman claimed it was unnecessary for Lord Frost to make the journey to Lisbon to give the speech, which comes as he plans to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol following months of chaos, which she claimed had “nothing new” or nothing that hadn’t already been said as she ridiculed the move by the Brexit chief negotiator.

Baroness Chapman also suggested how nothing had changed since the government published their Command Paper back in July which proposed to rewrite large chunks of the Northern Ireland protocol, therefore his speech brought nothing new to the table.

Despite her comments, the Labour peer did accept the issue needed to be reopened but stressed Lord Frost’s approach was not the way to go about it.

She then accused Lord Frost of making a “diva-style” speech only a day before the EU are set to lay out their plans for the renegotiation of the protocol.

But her comments sparked an angry backlash from the BBC’s Ben Brown, who slammed: “I’m just a bit confused, because you have criticised him for the speech, you have criticised him for going to Lisbon to make his speech…

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“But at the same time you’re saying this does need reopening and there do need to be compromises?”

He stressed how the job of reopening negotiations is exactly what Lord Frost has been doing with his speech on Tuesday.

But the Labour peer continued to accuse Lord Frost of carrying out a speech which she then claimed was having a detrimental impact on the UK’s reputation, the state of its relations with the EU and its negotiation position.

But Mr Brown hit back, saying: “He knew there was going to be an EU response tomorrow so he was trying to put the British position the day before! Is there anything wrong with that?”

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The raging Labour peer slammed: “He has published a draft new protocol, which is absolutely his right to do… but there is nothing that hadn’t already been said in this speech.

“Never has one man flown so far to say so little!”

She also insisited Lord Frost’s approach “is not the way” that Britain should be going about engaging in the process despite herself calling on the importance of fresh talks to be reopened.

While in an almighty slap down she branded Lord Frost’s behaviour as “grandiose” and “a little bit vain”.

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The comments come as Lord Frost used his Lisbon speech to set out his post-Brexit vision for Britain with five key areas of interest.

He said: “First Brexit has changed our international interests and hence will change our patterns of European relationships. Not necessarily fundamentally – but significantly. Second that Brexit means competition. We will be setting a different path on economic policy.

“Third that Brexit was about democracy. It is a democratic project that is bringing politics back home.”

Lord Frost added: “Fourth that the EU and us have got into a low equilibrium somewhat fractious relationship. And it takes two to fix it. And fifth, fixing the serious problem we have with the Northern Ireland Protocol is a prerequisite for getting to that better place.”

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