Richard Tice bashes Tories over cost of living crisis

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Tory insiders claim the Prime Minister’s departure from office is now a matter of when not if (though not for the first time). The resignation of his Chancellor and Education Secretary yesterday, along with a string of lower ministers this morning, has left his position in Number 10 to appear shakier than ever.

This has prompted some Brexiteers to fear that the UK’s departure from the European Union could be in jeopardy – that if Mr Johnson does leave office, he could be replaced by a figure who wishes to “Rejoin”.

The Reform Party leader has assessed the situation very differently.

After Sajid Javid announced his resignation from the Cabinet, Mr Tice urged: “In the name of God, Boris, go…”

The insistence echoed that of former Brexit Minister David Davis, who used the phrase against Mr Johnson in the Commons back in January, himself invoking a speech which led to the downfall of Neville Chamberlain in 1940.

But some Brexiteers commented on Mr Tice’s social media post that a Johnson departure would put their project at risk.

@David_Pekkam branded the Reform leader’s message as “shameful”.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “Putting your personal political ambitions ahead of the security of Brexit – shameful, Richard.”

Mr Tice in turn dismissed this accusation as “nonsense”.

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The businessman wrote: “Boris has let all Brexiteers down by not taking advantage of the huge opportunities.”

Another commenter went so far as to suggest that Mr Tice’s proclamations amounted to the “reversing” of Brexit.

@democracywins12 wrote: “Thanks Richard for reversing Brexit, bookmark this as Hunt will get in and we will adopt the Euro.”

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Reports suggest Tory MP and former health secretary Jeremy Hunt is eyeing up the top job in Government.

Mr Hunt backed Remain ahead of the 2016 referendum and afterwards suggested a second referendum on the terms of an exit deal.

He later suggested he backed Brexit, citing the “arrogance of the EU Commission” in relation to its conduct during post-withdrawal negotiations, but some have suggested he, as prime minister, would seek to realign the UK with the Brussels bloc.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine has even suggested that “if Boris goes, Brexit goes”, telling TalkTV that our exit from the EU was based on “a pack of lies”.

But Mr Tice downplayed the warning, insisting there is “no chance” of Mr Hunt nearing the halls of power.

He wrote: “Relax. Hunt has zero chance and we will protect Brexit.”

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