Boris Johnson in 'weak position' in the polls says John Curtice

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The Downing Street party scandal, alongside recent allegations of blackmail and intimidation from the Whip’s office, has seen the Conservatives’ lead in the polls plummet. Labour, meanwhile, has surged in popularity – especially in the Capital, while the Liberal Democrats have also enjoyed a welcome boost. Could this be the end of the Conservatives’ rule? Here are the latest voting polls.

The Conservatives have held onto power since 2010, but the latest polls suggest that the next election in May 2024 could see the end of their time in Downing Street.

YouGov’s latest polls published on January 18 asked Britons “If there were a general election held tomorrow, which party would you vote for?”

Despite the recent scandals at Number 10 the polls suggest that the writing could have been on the wall for the Conservatives as far back as December 9, 2021.

This was when Labour finally managed to top the Tories’ in the polls, as they secured a 40 percent share of the vote in comparison to the Conservative’s 33 percent.

The Conservatives’ popularity has been waining ever since plummeting to new lows of 28 percent on January 12, 2022.

The latest polls show a small rise in popularity for the Conservatives as 31 percent of voters stated they would secure their vote, however, Labour’s popularity continues to surge.

On January 14, a whopping 39 percent of respondents said they would vote for Labour if an election was called today.

Labour secured their biggest point lead since 2013 on January 12’s survey.

They led by 11 points which is an increase from a four-point lead the week before and marks 13 weeks of general decline in the Tories’ vote share since mid-October.

Smaller parties have also seen their rating’s climb in the latest polls, as the Liberal Democrats would have 11 percent of the vote if an election was called tomorrow and the Greens would have six percent.

Elsewhere SNP and Reform UK would have five percent, while Plaid Cymru would be on one percent.

Voting intentions in the capital

Labour lead has grown the most in the capital, according to polls published on January 19.

It seems Londoners are far from impressed with the Conservative’s latest partygate scandals in Downing Street.

Since YouGov’s last poll was taken at around the mayoral elections in May 2021, Labour has leapt by four points in the polls.

If an election were to be called tomorrow they would have 55 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile the Conservatives would trail behind with just 23 percent of the vote, this is a marked decrease of minus ten points.

This represents Labour’s biggest lead over the Tory’s in the capital since at least 2010, which is when YouGov started to run dedicated voting intention polls for London.

The Lib Dems currently have nine percent of the vote, the Greens are on seven percent and Reform UK have three percent.

Undecided voters

YouGov has reported a large increase in the number of voters who responded as “don’t know” to the question “If there were a general election held tomorrow, which party would you vote for?”

This is interesting as it means both Labour and the Conservative will have a bigger chance to win undecided voters if they run compelling election campaigns.

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