PMQs: Ellwood warns Tories will lose next general election

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Tory MP Tobias Ellwood has raised alarms around the prospect that the Conservative Party “will lose the next general election” if the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves his Government’s behaviour unchecked following the release of the damning Sue Gray report. In her highly critical report, the senior civil servant underlines “failures of leadership and judgement” over the 10 Downing Street lockdown-breaking gatherings that “should not have been allowed to happen.”

Ms Gray added in her report: “The public have a right to expect the very highest standards of behaviour in such places and clearly what happened fell well short of this.”

In a tirade to the House of Commons in reaction to Ms Gray’s report, MP Tobias Ellwood asked his fellow Conservative colleagues: “Can we win the general election on this current trajectory

“The question I place to the Prime Minister is now…Mr Speaker, I’m being heckled by my own people.

“If we cannot work out what we’re going to do, then the broad church of the Conservative Party will lose the next generation election.”

Sue Gray reports stressed that “there is no excuse for some of the behaviour set out here”.

The 60-page report covers 16 lockdown-busting gatherings held in Downing Street from May 2020 to April 2021.

Some details have been made public for the first time including events that showed Prosecco, pizza, a karaoke machine, and an individual being ill.

Ms Gray also pointed out “a lack of respect and poor treatment” towards security and cleaning staff working around these events that she condemned as “unacceptable”.

Mr Ellwood continued: “This is a damning report about the absence of leadership, focus, and discipline in Number 10.

“The one place where you expect to find those attributes in abundance.

“I made my point and my position very clear to the Prime Minister – he does not have my support.”

“But a question I humbly put to my colleagues is, are you willing, day in and day out, to defend this behaviour publicly?”, Mr Ellwood asked.

“Can we continue to govern without distraction given the erosion of trust with the British people?


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“But my question to the prime minister is very clear.

“On the question of leadership, can he think of any other prime minister who’d have allowed such a culture of indiscipline to take place under their watch?”

“And if it did, would they not have resigned?

Boris Johnson hit back: “I think to answer the question that he put to all of us on these benches, I think the answer is overwhelmingly and emphatically yes, we are going to go on and win the next general election.

“Because we’re going to get on with the job.”

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