Boris Johnson among Tory MPs to avoid Partygate questions

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Conservative MPs, including the Prime Minister, avoided answering the questions about Partygate when they arrived in Stoke-on-Trent for a meeting.

Leading party figures dismissed journalist Sam Coates of Sky News’ questions as they refused to offer their reaction to the additional fines announced by the Metropolitan police.

Mr Coates asked: “Are you shocked at the scale of law-breaking in Number Ten, Prime Minister? How could you let that happen under your watch?”

Boris Johnson simply said: “I’m sure we’ll have plenty to say about when the thing is finished.”

Other MPs also swerved Partygate questions.

Mr Coates asked: “Is it just best to ignore law-breaking in Downing Street, Michael Gove?

“Do you have full confidence in the Prime Minister?”

Mr Gove simply replied: “Hi Sam.”

The reporter continued: “Nigel Adams, have you fixed it for Mr Johnson to get through this despite the scale of law-breaking in Number Ten?”

Mr Adams responded: “It’s great to see you too Sam, it’s wonderful to be here in Stoke.”

Unlike his colleagues, Jacob Rees-Mogg engaged in a brief exchange with the Sky News correspondent.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Oh, that’s a familiar face, how are you?”

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Mr Coates replied: “Is there anything Boris Johnson could do that means you wouldn’t back him?”

The Brexit Minister continued: “A great Prime Minister, a fine leader of the country and we’re lucky to have such a world-beating figure leading us.”

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “He has my support and he deserves yours and he should have the support of the viewers of Sky News.”

Notable members of the Conservative party, including Priti Patel and Chris Heaton-Harris, continued to dodge the reporter’s inquiries as they attended a party meeting in Stoke.

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Updated information released by the Metropolitan police has increased the number of fines issued relating to Partygate from 50 to 100. Boris Johnson did confirm that neither he nor his wife, Carrie Johnson, had received additional fixed penalty notices.

There is still no conclusive end to the police investigation of 12 events which took place during lockdowns in Downing Street and Whitehall.

The Prime Minister has already received a fine for a gathering on his birthday, alongside his wife and Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

The much-anticipated Sue Gray report is expected to provide full insight into the alleged lockdown breaches however, an official release date has not yet been determined.

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