Nicola Sturgeon slammed over freedom day 'confusion' by expert

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Scottish Conservative MP Andrew Bowie argued that the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon must do better on tackling coronavirus. While speaking on GB News, the Conservative politician argued the guidance from the Government had been confusing at times. He also highlighted most recently the uncertainty surrounding masks for nightclubs ahead of Scotland’s freedom day.

Mr Bowie said: “I think a ‘must do better and try harder’ is the grade I would give the SNP.

“There has been so much confusion, not least over the past week.

“For example, nightclub owners, for example, despite being told on Tuesday they would be allowed to open, didn’t know until Friday whether or not people in the nightclub would have to wear a mask on the dance floor.

“They didn’t know if people would be able to drink standing up.

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“We had this ridiculous phrase emerge over the past week of vertical drinking, whatever that is.

“Would you be able to drink at a bar without a mask and all the rest of it.”

Mr Bowie admitted that the Scottish Government has since cleared up confusion regarding nightclubs.

He said: “We found out on Friday that you won’t have to wear a mask in a nightclub which I’m sure was a great relief to the owners.

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“I can’t imagine many people would want to go out dancing wearing a face mask.

“So there has been some confusion.

“I think the communication side of things, the Scottish Government do need to do better.

“We are talking about people’s livelihoods here and people who own these companies and venues need to know with certainty what their customers would be allowed to do.”

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Mr Bowie added that he feels the Scottish Government has been following the same trajectory as the Westminster Government on Covid, albeit slightly slower.

He said: Despite what Nicola Sturgeon would have you believe, the Scottish Government has been doing exactly the same as the UK Government if only a few weeks behind.

“I think we are very much on the same page.

“Today is a very good day and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and moving towards normality.”

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