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The campaign appears to have been started by veteran MP George Galloway, who is a huge vocal critic of the SNP and her establishment in Scotland, in particular their continued push for independence from the rest of the UK. But now Mr Galloway appears to have stepped up his campaign against the First Minister and her ruling party by launching a campaign to call for a vote of no confidence in them. Launching the campaign on change.org, he wrote: “As #ResignSturgeon trends across social media, it has become clear that Nicola Sturgeon and her government are utterly incapable of working for the best interests of the Scottish people and Scotland.

“In the interest of all Scots, it’s time for Nicola Sturgeon to do the right thing – resign, and allow a cross-party government of unity take over to see Scotland through this dark time – created after 13 years of SNP misrule.

“If you agree, then please sign this petition which we will deliver to Holyrood. Scotland deserves better than this haphazard, reckless and foolish SNP administration, which has literally failed lives in their pursuit of the Neverendum and Scottish separatism.

“We, the people of Scotland say enough is enough. We call upon Nicola Sturgeon to resign.”

The petition from Mr Galloway, which had received nearly 20,000 signatures at the time of writing, has received a wave of support from those opposed to Ms Sturgeon and her SNP Government.

One person wrote: “The First Minister said to judge her on education. I have. she has to go.”

Another commented: “This woman has let Scotland down big time.

“She won’t sack the incompetents in her Cabinet and has let the old people down drastically. Time to go.

“I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about independence.

“This woman has split Scotland down the middle and doesn’t care.”

Last week, Ms Sturgeon’s Scottish independence dream was torn apart by Mr Galloway, who rubbished the findings of a Panelbase survey.

The survey found 55 percent of Scots would vote in favour of independence, but the veteran politician pointed out a YouGov survey found it is now down to 53 percent.

He claimed the figure did not include “don’t know” answers which he said voted against independence in 2014.

Speaking on a live Facebook broadcast for Alliance for Unity, Mr Galloway said: “Numbers are on our side.

“The two previous polls were not actually polls, they were Panelbase surveys and you can only participate in a Panelbase survey if you’ve already signed up to it.

“But in the latest polls the SNP lead was not 55 percent but 53 percent but only if you exclude the ‘don’t know’.

“In 2014 at the referendum, the ‘don’t know broke’ for us for ‘no’ by a huge proportion.

“Then there isn’t a majority at all in the latest opinion polls.

“Please contest all these fake narratives as they come up and raise the contradiction.”

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