Brexit: Bob Geldof hits out at ‘lying’ Boris Johnson

The Irish-born singer launched into a brutal rant at the Prime Minister and his Government for failing to deliver on an adequate deal which would allow British musicians to continue to perform across the EU.

The lead singer of the Boomtown Rats said: “They’re lying, there wasn’t a tailored deal.

“They want to set about a tailored deal but lying is second-nature to this crowd.

“The Prime Minister himself has a long history of it.

“You saw the fishing episode as we began this today, one of the newspapers saying that I was proved right.

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“They betrayed the fishermen, they betrayed the farmers, they betrayed the musicians, they betrayed the financial sector.

“They’ve cast Northern Ireland aside and by doing this to the music business, they are betraying the culture. They’re a fairly hapless lot.”

But his comments have made the British public furious with many saying his “pro-EU stance” is one of the best reasons for leaving the bloc.

One person said: “Didn’t he say he’d clear off and leave the UK if the UK voted then went ahead with Brexit.

“C’mon Bob, on your way.”

Someone else echoed: “Who cares what an EU supporter thinks?”

A third reader said: “You are a pain in the butt.”

A fourth person lashed out at the musician saying he should not “interfere in another nation’s decisions”.

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While someone else simply said: “The more Geldof speaks against Boris, the more right I think Boris is.”

Another person said he should “blame the bloody EU” and “send your abuse to them”.

A sixth reader commented: “Stop behaving like a spoilt millionaire celeb.

“While you pampered lot are in lockdown on your private islands the rest of us are getting on with life. Give us a break.

“As for Boris, while tomorrow you will still hating Mondays, Boris will still be Boris and, I believe still have the support of most of the country.”

While appearing on Sky News, Mr Geldof continued: “For up-and-comers, it’s over. You can make very little money from records now.

“Just last week you saw Gary Newman telling us that he had a million streams for one of his songs but earned £37.

“If these bands can’t earn money through live music, it’s over.

“And the consequences of that for British culture and actual Global Britain…music would sell everywhere in the world. This is really alarming.”

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