Jeremy Vine laments over Boris Johnson Ukraine involvement

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Boris Johnson met with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday to discuss the current heated situation with Russia amassing troops at its border. Jeremy Vine showed footage on his programme showing Russian media mocking Boris Johnson and claiming children in the UK have been “laughing at him” over partygate allegations. The Channel 5 presenter was left wondering whether deploying the Prime Minister abroad despite the ridicule thrown his way will have the desired effects in having Moscow stand down.

Mr Vine said: “To just see it on Russian TV… One of their channels, not Russia Today.

“That reporter was saying, even school children are laughing at Boris Johnson.

“He’s the most ridiculed character in Britain, which when you think of some of the customers we could name, is quite a stretch.

“And we’re asking whether actually, it would be better if he didn’t go abroad because it makes people laugh at the whole country.”

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Putin has continued to fan the flames of conflict with neighbouring Ukraine, the Russian President spoke out about the possibility of a war.

Warning the world, Mr Putin said: “Let’s imagine Ukraine is a NATO member and starts these military operations.

“Are we supposed to go to war with the NATO bloc?

“Has anyone given that any thought? Apparently not.

Boris Johnson shakes his head at question about Vladimir Putin

Mr Putin added: “In this sense, Ukraine itself is just an instrument to achieve this goal.

“This can be done in different ways, by drawing us into some kind of armed conflict and, with the help of their allies in Europe, forcing the introduction against us of those harsh sanctions they are talking about now in the US.”

Britain has been offering much welcome support to Ukraine in the past month as both countries are members of NATO.

Mr Johnson said: “Two weeks ago we sent anti-tank weaponry to strengthen Ukraine’s defences further.

“Today I have announced a further £88 million of UK funding to support good governance and energy independence in Ukraine. This will bolster your efforts Volodymyr, and those of others to build a free and prosperous Ukrainian society, free of malign influences.


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Mr Johnson added: “Alongside other countries, we are also preparing a package of sanctions and other measures to be enacted the moment the first Russian toe-cap crosses further into Ukrainian territory.”

Embarrassed by the UK representation of the country, Lib Dem MP Layla Moran said: “Britain deserves so much better than having Boris Johnson represent us on the world stage.

“He’s been missing in action while war looms in Europe – and while he might be playing catch-up now, it’s too little, too late.

“This is the man who picked pleading with his backbenchers over talking tough to Vladimir Putin.

“He’s spent the last month phoning wavering Tory MPs when he should have been meeting foreign leaders.”

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