Sadiq Khan announces plans for 'surge' policing in London

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been ridiculed on social media for declaring the capital to be the “hardest in the world to police.” Mr Khan made the comments on Timesradio while discussing the possible extension of Cressida Dick’s role as Met Police Commissioner. Puzzled listeners were soon commenting with suggestions for cities that may prove harder to maintain law and order in, notably the South African city of Durban which has been rocked by riots in recent days.

The mayor said: “The Commissioner has not shared with me what her intentions are going forward.

“She is the commissioner until at least next April.

“She has got my confidence in relation to the challenges of being Commissioner of the Met Police Service 

“The most difficult city in the world to police because we are a global city…the challenges we face…”

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Mr Khan’s remarks sparked a whirlwind of ridicule on social media as users pointed to the ongoing unrest in South Africa.

Rioting and looting as rocked a number of South African cities including Durban.

One user wrote: “What about e.g. Kabul, Portland, Chicago, Durban?”

“Should try Durban,” wrote another.

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Elsewhere someone added: “Nothing to do with his policies?

“Does he take any responsibility at all?

“Amazing how much damage one person can do isn’t it”

In South Africa, looting has left at least 72 people dead.

The chaos erupted following the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma, who was convicted to 15 months in prison over contempt of court.

South African troops have been deployed as police struggle to contain the unrest which began last week.

Ministers in Pretoria have warned basic food supplies could soon run out unless the looting is stopped.

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