Keir Starmer discusses Brexit and a second referendum

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told business and political figures at the World Economic Forum in Davos that he wants to improve Britain’s relations with Europe to help attract international investment post-Brexit. He ruled out a return to the European Union or the single market but do you think the UK should build a closer relationship with the EU? Vote in our poll.

Sir Keir said repairing trade ties between the UK and EU would help attract global investment, declaring that the post-Brexit trade deal is damaging the UK economy “as every day passes”.

He explained on Thursday, January 20, that “13 years of failure to grow the economy” had put the UK in a difficult position, “made even harder” by Brexit. He added: “That’s why we have been making the case for a closer economic relationship with the EU.”

Labour plans to negotiate agreements with different sectors such as science, technology, research, security, veterinary standards and universities. Party insiders have said Sir Keir was taking a “pragmatic” approach to improve relations.

Andreas Schieder, Austrian MEP and co-author of the 2021 bill on the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, said he thought Sir Keir had the qualities to rebuild trust with the EU. He said: “I’ve met Starmer and I can see he would be much better. He would be reliable – we have had too many breaches under the Conservatives. We know when he agrees to something, it will be settled – and this is what the EU is looking for.”

He continued: “We do not expect that Britain will come back with a Labour government – that would be too soon. The challenge is to get Brexit done by fixing the solvable issue like customs.”

So what do YOU think? Should UK build a “closer relationship with the EU”? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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