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The Prime Minister is bracing for a sizeable rebellion from the Tory backbenches on Tuesday evening as MPs prepare to vote on his coronavirus tiers proposals. Ahead of the vote, Tory MP Andrea Leadsom expressed her frustration with the draconian rules put forward by the Government, arguing people in Britain have “had enough” and will fail to comply with the restrictions once lockdown is over on Wednesday. 

She asked Boris Johnson: “What assessment has he done on compliance with previous lockdowns?

“And does he share my concern that people have just had enough and that the risk of non-compliance is very great?

“And then those who are compliant will have the added frustration of watching those who won’t comply doing whatever they want whilst they have to sit at home.”

The Prime Minister hit back: “Normally I find myself in agreement with the Rt. Hon. Lady, but I must say I don’t think that she’s right in this instance.

“If you look at what the British people have achieved in the last few weeks by following the guidance, by deciding to work together to get the R down, they have done just that.

“Collectively the people of this country have got the R back down below 1.

“That wasn’t by non-compliance. That was by the people of this country deciding to follow the rules, doing it together and get the virus down.”

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