Boris Johnson: Replacement candidates as Prime Minister resigns

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The Tory leader was effectively forced out of his post after numerous Cabinet Ministers and dozens of lower ranking party officials walked out in protest over his leadership. Standing outside Number 10, he announced he would remain in office pending the conclusion of a Conservative Party leadership race, likely in autumn.

But the lawyer and activist Dr Shola insisted his time was up and he should leave now.

She urged in a post on Twitter: “Boy, pack your S*** and GET OUT!”

Dr Shola added: “Boris Johnson is undignified in failure – not a single apology, remorse or acknowledgment in his resignation speech of the scandal after scandal with which HE debased the highest office in the land and deepened distrust in politics.


Even Tory MPs have joined the call for Mr Johnson to leave number 10 now rather than further down the line, albeit without the language.

George Freeman MP, yesterday resigned as Minister for Science, Research and Innovation.

Today, he said: “We need Ministers back at their desks.

“Now PM has finally done the decent thing he needs to hand in the seals of office, apologise to Her Majesty, allow her to appoint a Caretaker under whom Ministers can serve, so the Conservative Party can choose a new leader properly.”

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Former Scottish Conservatives’ leader Ruth Davidson agreed: “There’s no way he can stay on until October.

“It’s arrant nonsense to think he can.”

Dominic Cummings suggested that the Prime Minister wants to remain in his role now in the hope he might be able to stay on even beyond October.

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Mr Johnson’s former aide said in a post on Twitter: “I know that guy and I’m telling you – he doesn’t think it’s over.

“He’s thinking ‘there’s a war, weird s*** happens in a war, play for time play for time, I can still get out of this, I got a mandate, members love me, get to September…’

“If MPs leave him in situ there’ll be CARNAGE.”

Laying out his own position on the matter, Mr Johnson this afternoon told the nation: “It is clearly now the will of the parliamentary Conservative Party that there should be a new leader of that party and therefore a new Prime Minister.

“I have agreed with Sir Graham Brady, the Chairman of our backbench MPs that the process of choosing that new leader should begin now and the timetable will be announced next week and I have today appointed a Cabinet to serve as I will until a new leader is in place.”

It appears as though a number of MPs will continue to work for the Prime Minister to leave office sooner than he now hopes.

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