Boris Johnson says Omicron to bring 'tidal wave' of cases

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Boris Johnson visited a vaccination clinic near Paddington, London where he was interviewed by Sky News’ Beth Rigby about coronavirus restrictions and whether there would be further limits. Mr Johnson began rambling about his “amazing” visit to the vaccination centre and how someone has sadly died from the Omicron variant before urging everyone to come forward for their vaccinations. But Ms Rigby put Mr Johnson straight and demanded to know if further restrictions could occur after new scientific data is set to come in on Saturday which could spell bad news for Christmas celebrations.

Mr Johnson spoke during a media round where he was asked if he could promise there would be no restrictions before Christmas.

Ms Rigby wanted to know if there would be a repeat from last year where Christmas was “cancelled” with further last-minute limits put in place.

However, the Prime Minister skirted around the question and instead tried to urge everyone to come forward for their booster shots.

He said: “It’s just amazing to be here in this vaccination centre in London and see people listening to that message, coming forward and the way the NHS is responding is just inspiring.

“The GPs, the volunteers and the nurses and doctors are really pulling out all the stops and we will ramp it up over the next few days.

It is a huge target that we set ourselves but the risk is plenty, we can see Omicron spiking now in London and some other parts of the country.

“Here in the capital, it probably represents about 40 percent of the cases and by tomorrow it will be the majority of the cases.”

But as the Prime Minister continued on with his spiel, Ms Rigby simply pointed out: “Prime Minister, the question I asked was can you rule out more restrictions and since you can’t because you didn’t, you can’t rule out [restrictions] before Christmas?”

Mr Johnson said he was at “great pains” to tell the public they need to keep a close eye on the pandemic and where it goes as he once again refused to rule out restrictions and said people need to come forward for their boosters.

Ms Rigby asked if incoming data on December 18 would change any of the current rules with Mr Johnson stressing the current push for the booster programme was the best option.

The journalist also asked whether Mr Johnson acted quick enough to address the surge in cases and reports the Government website responsible for providing home tests had crashed.

Mr Johnson said health workers should be “incredibly proud” of the speed of the UK’s vaccination programme and now wanted to hit “warp speed” to better previous records.


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