Ken Livingstone says Starmer would be 'best PM in decades'

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While speaking on GB News, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone reflected on both the Labour and Conservative Party conferences. He said that he felt Tory leader Boris Johnson’s speech lacked detail as to where the country was going while he agreed with everything said by Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer. He went on to say that Keir Starmer would be the best Prime Minister in decades.

However, following these comments, many Twitter uses took to mocking Mr Livingstone for his comments.

Mr Livingston said: “I thought the Labour Party conference went really well.

“I watched Keir Starmer’s hour and a half speech, I agree with everything he said in it.

“He was focussed on what we do for our country.

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“When you look at Boris Johnson at his conference it was a lovely performance, loads of jokes and all that but no serious strategy for where we are going.

“I think, I have no doubt about this, Keir Starmer will be our best Prime Minister for decades.

“Perhaps the best since Clement Attlee back in 1945.”

Many watchers took to Twitter to mock and ridicule Mr Livingstone for his support of Sir Keir.

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Twitter user Adrianstrand said: “Like a football club chairman saying we have total confidence in the manager of a badly performing team.

Social media user Mikeatwood12 said: “I just spat out my tea, Captain Hindsight can’t get off the fence haha.”

Sue6718 added: “How dare he mention Starmer in the same sentence as Clement Attlee.

“Atlee was a man of principle and believed in the true Labour cause.”

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Another user, Jatep2, said: “Cheers Ken, even with a Government as useless as this, the prospect of a Government with Rayner, Lammy, Dodds, Burgeon is truly terrifying.”

Another user, Suemcdonald342 also said: “Thankfully most will see through this nonsense.

“Keir Starmer will never get his hands on the keys to number 10.

“Labour condemned themselves to decades in political oblivion when they reneged on Brexit and stabbed us all in the back.”

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