Keir Starmer ‘sidetracked this whole time’ says expert

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The 2019 general election saw the Labour Party suffer its worst election defeat since 1935. The party lost a total of 60 seats, many of which were located in the traditional ‘red wall’ Labour heartland of the north. Following the exit of party leader Jeremy Corbyn, Sir Keir Starmer was voted in to steer Labour towards election success after several devastating defeats in general elections.

How is Keir Starmer faring in the polls?

Keir Starmer’s latest approval rating from YouGov shows the Labour leader has gone up slightly in some people’s expectations.

Between 1,626 and 3,326 adults are surveyed per wave, and as of August 2, a staggering 59 percent of those surveyed thought Keir Starmer was doing badly as leader of the Labour Party.

Mr Starmer’s approval rating for August is a marked improvement from June 7, when 61 percent thought Mr Starmer was doing badly in the top job.

On May 10, 65 percent of people thought Mr Starmer was doing badly as Labour leader, so it appears Mr Starmer’s approval has gradually increased over the last few months.

In contrast, as of August 2, only 22 percent think Mr Starmer is doing well as Labour leader, according to YouGov.

This figure is an improvement from July 5, when 21 percent believed Mr Starmer was doing well, and June 7, when 17 percent backed him.

But August’s polling data is a significant drop from May 2020, when 39 percent of those surveyed agreed the newly elected Mr Starmer was doing well as Labour leader.

As of August 2, 19 percent of those surveyed said they didn’t know if Mr Starmer was doing well or badly as Labour leader.

How is Labour faring in the polls?

The latest YouGov poll suggests Labour would not currently win a general election.

Of the 1,730 adults asked between August 5 and 6, 41 percent would vote for the Conservatives if a general election were to be held tomorrow.

Only 33 percent said they would vote for Labour, and eight percent said they would vote for the Liberal Democrats.

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Another five percent said they would vote for the SNP, while seven percent said they would vote for the Green Party.

Politico’s Poll of Polls national parliament voting intention poll for August 9 also suggested Labour would not win the next election.

The polling data suggested 41 percent of people would vote Conservative, while 35 percent would vote Labour.

Nine percent of people would back the Liberal Democrats, while six percent would vote Green.

However, it is worth noting the latest Politico polling data suggests Labour is closing the gap on the Conservatives.

On May 18, polling data showed 43 percent would vote Conservative, while 32 percent would vote Labour.

The Conservative’s 11 percent lead over Labour in May had shrunk to just six percent in the latest polling data.

It is far too early to tell whether the Conservatives will win another election, however, as the next vote is not scheduled until May 2024.

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