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Following Labour’s worst election defeat since 1935, the former Opposition leader stepped down and was replaced by Sir Keir. But despite stepping down, Mr Corbyn appears to have launched an attack on the new leader accusing the party of playing “a media game”.

Mr Corbyn said: “The Labour Party cannot win in the long run if all it does is play a media game and pursue a Westminster strategy.”

He went on to tell Tribune magazine that he “made notes of everybody’s contribution at every shadow cabinet meeting”.

It comes as the Labour Party was dealt a blow after suffering a drop in the polls on voting intention.

Last week, a YouGov voting intention poll saw the Conservatives take the lead with 41 percent, an increase of two.

Whereas Labour saw a drop from the previous poll, securing just 38 percent of the votes.

Previously both parties were neck and neck at 39 percent each.

Members of the public were asked: “If there were a general election held tomorrow, which party would you for vote?”

A total of 1,673 people were surveyed between October 6 to 7.

Although the support on voting intentions may be down, Sir Keir was still ahead of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on YouGov’s ‘best Prime Minister’ poll.

A third of Britons said the Labour leader would make the better head of government compared to just 29 percent for Mr Johnson.

Around 35 percent of voters still could not choose between the two, according to the polling site.

As leader of the Opposition, Sir Keir has kept some of Mr Corbyn’s policies including planning to raise taxes for the top five percent of earners.

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Last month, Sir Keir announced his first policy pledge during his first Labour conference speech.

MPs loyal to former leader Jeremy Corbyn warned him not to abandon any of his “overwhelmingly popular” agenda.

When asked if the pledges he made during the Labour leadership contest had changed, Sir Keir said: “No, they were important pledges – very important pledges – in terms of the approach I would take and the priorities I would have as leader of the Labour Party, and they remain my priorities.

“What I’m saying is, the work and the challenge now is so much more profound than we thought it was in 2019.

“Or even this year before the pandemic hit.

“It actually means we might have to be bolder than we might have imagined.”

Sir Keir went on to say how it is not “prudent” to set out tax arrangements for the next general election in 2024.

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