Jeremy Corbyn refuses to clarify if he's received vaccine

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The landmark Aukus deal will see the US and UK help Australia develop nuclear-powered submarines. However, the day after his meeting with US President Joe Biden in the White House, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters there was scope for the agreement to extend beyond submarines, particularly on technology. He said: “What we need is a Western technology on which we can rely, and the fact is the Chinese are ahead on some of these technologies.

“What the Americans and Australians want to do with us is to try and recapture the Western lead in some of these areas, and work together on that.

“So on cyber, on AI, there are plenty of ways in which we want to co-operate.”

This new partnership has not been well received by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who has called it a “dangerous escalation”.

Mr Corbyn fears it will be interpreted as intimidating by China and could lead to “the proliferation of nuclear weapons”.


Former-Labour leader makes the case against Aukus

Former-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has come out in opposition to the AUKUS agreement which would see the UK work with the US and Australia to develop neuclear submarines.

He has criticised the plans which he says have been shunned by peace and disarmament groups across the world. 

Mr Corbyn said: “The international opposition reflects an obvious truth that real security won’t come from starting a new nuclear arms race or new Cold War.”

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