Boris Johnson has never been a 'true conservative' says caller

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A seething caller from East Sussex questioned whether Boris Johnson was ever a “true Conservative” as she feared the Prime Minister will copy France and introduce mandatory COVID health passes in future. Caller Amanda hit out at Mr Johnson, insisting that she has doubts over whether he truly embodies an orthodox Conservative Party leader. Amanda opened up on her fears that Britons may be forced to show proof of vaccination in future, adding that Mr Johnson simply is not up to the job when it comes to showing leadership as he rather imitates what other countries do.

Talking to Nick de Bois on talkRADIO, she admitted that all she hopes for is for the baton to be handed over to a “true” Conservative, not least if the costs of living became even more unsustainable.

She said: “I do wonder whether he has ever been a true Conservative, I don’t think he has.

“I think Lord Frost has really hit the nail on the head and if he doesn’t change tac, particularly before the first of April and the cost of living is going to go through the roof for most families.

“I think if they don’t do something to get rid of him and push him out and get a true Conservative in there that’s going to deliver Brexit properly then I think we’re screwed.”

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Mr De Bois then stressed that three things should be at the forefront of his mind if he aims to stay in the hotseat.

He said: “Do you agree? Basically, he’s got three things. 

He’s got to deliver on the promise on Brexit, he’s got to actually deal with the cost of living crisis. And he’s got to get us living back normally sooner rather than later!”

But for Amanda, the Prime Minister is already on borrowed time as she is against the idea of giving him another chance to turn things around, having “lost all faith in him” amid fresh accusations that he held another party in Downing Street in May 2020.

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She said: “But I don’t think he wants to, I think he is following the playbook of leaders like Macron that he wants to bring back in the same passports.

“It scares the hell out of me, I want him gone, I want him gone.

“I lost all faith in him [and] as long as he is there I will never vote Conservative ever again!”

But Mr De Bois poured cold water on Mr Johnson ever introducing Covid certifications for Britain, saying that there is absolutely no chance of this ever happening as the Tories have other ideas.


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He said: “I promise you his party won’t let him, that’s what we should be grateful for.

“I think the confidence that I can give you Amanda is that actually his party won’t allow him to do that.”

As things stand vaccines will only become mandatory for health and social care workers from April 1.

It remains to be seen whether the UK will follow Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, France and Austria by taking a harder line and mandating the vaccines for the whole population.

When asked to voice his opinion on the matter, vaccine expert Dr Peter English warned that unlike in Italy, where people respected the advice, imposing mandatory vaccination in the UK would be like chasing a lost cause for the government as Britons are unlikely to backtrack on their firm decision.

He said: “Unvaccinated people are very much more likely to become ill and consume disproportionate healthcare resources.

“A single case of Covid-19 requiring admission to an ICU can block a bed that could be used for many critical operations.

“However, the backlash that could occur as a result of compulsory vaccination, which is not part of our culture, unlike in Italy might mean even fewer people coming forward for vaccination, so it is not something that I would recommend.”







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