Brexit: Retired civil servant discusses fishing row

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Over the last few weeks, the Prime Minister has come under fire after reports of an alleged Downing Street during the coronavirus pandemic while the rest of the country stay indoors as per Government rules.

As stats suggest public trust in Mr Johnson is in decline, a former MEP has suggested he “did not get Brexit done”.

Former MEP June Mummery told “What annoys is when people say Boris got Brexit done. No.

“He got Brexit over the line but he sacrificed coastal communities to do that.

“That’s not a great achievement.

“We are not really there.

“Boris did not get Brexit done.

“He got it half done.”

Earlier this month, Mr Johnson’s popularity fell to a new low as polls showed Labour took a nine point lead over the Tories following.

The poll of voting intentions, carried out by Opinium Research for The Observer, found that 41 percent would vote for Keir Starmer’s Labour (an increase of three percent), while just 32 percent (a decrease of four percent) would vote for the Tories.

Around 59 percent said they disapproved of Mr Johnson and the job he is doing, with just 24 percent approving.

While the next general election is not expected until at least 2024, Ms Mummery issued a warning that he will be gone in the next election.

She continued: “The man is an absolute disaster.

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“Now people are realising they cannot trust him.

“I knew this a year ago. He betrayed the fishing industry a year ago.

“This is nothing new for us. He will be gone in the next election.

“There is no voice for fishing. It will be gone.”

Ms Mummery went on to say how she wants to see MPs in Parliament who care about their constituents and launched a scathing attack on coastal MPs.

She added: “We want 186 coastal MPs who care about this.

“We can rebuild this industry.

“They are a disgrace and have done absolutely nothing.

“They are the betrayers. They have betrayed their constituencies.”

Under the terms of the post-Brexit trade agreement signed last December, fishing boats with historic access to Britain’s waters must be given permits to allow them to continue to do so.

They must prove they accessed the waters at least one day a year between 2013 and 2016.

On December 23, the UK and the EU reached an agreement on catch limits for 2022, giving the UK an estimated £313 million of fishing opportunities.

The UK-EU catch limits have agreed to around 140,000 tonnes of fishing opportunities for the UK fleet, estimated to be worth around £313 million, based on historic landing prices.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said the agreement makes a “strong foundation” and secures “certainty” for the incoming year.

The agreement also commits the UK and the EU to rapidly develop multi-year strategies for non-quota species to ensure sustainable management of these stocks.

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